Creating a GANTT chart Using Excel

A Gantt Chart is a horizontal bar chart that Illustrates a Project Schedule. Gantt Chart illustrates the start and finish dates of the elements of a project. Modern Gantt charts also show the dependency (i.e., precedence network) relationships between activities.

Below is the Example of a Gantt Chart that depicts the Launch of a New Product:

Follow below steps to Create this Chart:

  1. Select the data range B3:D10 and Create a Stacked Bar Chart
  2. Delete the Legend
  3. Select the Category (Vertical) axis and display the format axis task pane
  4. In the Axis Options Section, specify categories in reverse order to display the tasks in order, starting at the top; choose horizontal axis crosses at maximum category to display dates at the bottom
  5. Select the start date data series and display the format data series task pane
  6. In the Series options section, set the series overlap to 100%; in the fill section, specify No Fill; in the border section, specify No Line.
  7. In the Axis options sections, adjust the minimum and maximum settings to accommodate the dates that you want to display on the axis. (when you enter a date value, the excel converts it to a date serial number. In the example, the minimum is 03-01-2018 and maximum is 05-02-2018
Download How to Create Gantt Chart (23 downloads)

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