Extract First Name from Full Name using Excel

Many a times we have list of “Full names” wherein we need to segregate “First Name”. Manually doing this is would be time consuming Job and not so efficient use of your time.

Extract First Name from Full Name in Excel:

We can use “LEFT” and “FIND” formula for the same.

  1. LEFT: This function displays a specified number of characters from the left hand side of a piece of text

          Syntax:  Left (Original Text, Number of Characters Required)

       2. FIND: This function looks for a specified letter inside another piece of text. When the letter is found the        position is shown as a number. If the text contains more than one reference to the letter, the first occurrence is used. If the letter is not found in the text, the result #VALUE is shown.

Syntax:  =FIND (LetterToLookFor, TextToLookInside, StartPosition)


Now we have learned about Left and Find function. Now let’s use them to find out first names from the Full Names.

So, what exactly we have done??

The =FIND () function was used to locate position of the space between the first and second name. The length of the first name is therefore the position of the space minus one character. The =LEFT () function can now extract the first name based on the position of the space.

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