Finding the Last Value in a column

Today we will learn one more usage of Index () & CountA() function. We will use them to find out the last value of a column. Suppose we have a list of Invoices Numbers, Item name & the Invoice Value.  Refer Below:













How it works:

  1. INDEX(): This function picks a value from a range of data by looking down a specified number of rows and then across specified number of Columns.



2. COUNTA ():  This function counts the number of numeric or text entries in a list. It will Ignore Blanks.



By Using the Formula=INDEX($B$5:$D$20,COUNTA($B$5:$B$20),1), we are asking Excel to Use COUNTA() as a row_num & for the Column_num we are asking excel to use 1,2 or 3.

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