Understanding Excel IF formula

The IF function tests a Condition. If the Condition is met it is considered to be True & if it is not met it is considered to be False. Depending upon the result, one of the two actions will be carried out.

Syntax: =if(Condition, Actioniftrue, ActionifFalse). The Actioniftrue and Actioniffalse can be numbers, text or calculations.

Example 1: The if() function is used to compare Actual Sales Against Target. If the Sales are greater than or equal to the Target the result of Target Met is shown & If the Sales do not reach the target the result of Target not Met is shown.






Example 2:

Now taking the above example a bit further, the sales manager of the company reviewed the performance of Jack, Mary & Smith and decide that those who achieved Target will get a Commission of 10% and Those who Could not achieve will get a Commission of 3%. Now lets see How we can utilize IF function for the same.





Excel-If-Function Download (27 downloads)

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