Visualizing data Using Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting is a useful tool for Visualizing numeric data. Sometimes, Conditional formatting is a Viable alternative to creating a Chart. Conditional formatting is an easy way to quickly identify cell entries or cells of a particular type.

Below Picture shows usage of different Types of conditional formatting rules:


Here’s a brief explanation of each:

1) Greater Than 20: Values Greater than 20 are highlighted with a different background Color.

2) Below Average: Values that are lower than the average values are highlighted.

3) Duplicate Values: Values that appear in the range more than once are highlighted

4) Data Bars: Each Cell displays a horizontal bar, the length of which is proportional to its value.

5) Icon Set: It Displays a small graphic in the cell. The graphic varies, depending on cell value.

6) Colour Scale: The background color varies, depending on the value of the cell.

7) Letters other Than A: If the Cell contains Text other than A, the cell is highlighted

8) Custom Rule: The rule for above shown pattern is based on formula: =MOD(ROW(),2)=1

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